The early 2017 issue of the magazine of Noise and Politics. With interesting stuff about Brexit inside.

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Release Date: 17 March 2017. 72 Pages.


News & Updates
The Reverend: Education in England – An Update
Marc Hekate: Keith Robinson Desert Storm Obituary
Matthew Hyland: Notes from Non-Existence – Brexit vs. the Proletariat

Alexia Elliott: Poisoned Fruit in the Walled Garden – The Alt Right: A Growing Problem, But Not a New One
MH: Armed Competitiveness – The Working Class Gets Called Up to Fight Itself: Notes on a Recruitment Crisis
Howard Slater: ‘Comrade Doctor’ – On David Cooper and ‘Anti-Psychiatry’
David Cooper: On Mystification (1978)
Strelnikov: Siege Mentality – Mason, Manson, Moynihan: On the Fringes of American Nazism

Book Reviews
Neil Transpontine: Angry White People – Coming Face-to-Face with the British Far Right by Hsiao-Hung Pai
Howard Slater: Demented Idioms – Schizo Culture, Event & Book
Matthew Hyland: Eat Like an Idealist! The Assassin – An Association of Musical Marxists Reader
Christoph Fringeli: Undeclared Wars With Israel: Jeffrey Herf on East Germany and the West German Far Left 1967-1989 and their role in the Middle East
Christoph Fringeli: Far-Left Press Coverage of the 2016 Anti-Semitism Row in the Labour Party and other Leftist Groups

Simon Lejeune: A Breakcore Saga
Sansculotte: Overdosed

DJ Balli: An Addition to the Guinness World Records
Mme Tlank/Clinical Wasteman: But What of the Ghost?

Records Reviews by Prole Sector, Zombieflesheater, Low Entropy, Controlled Weirdness, Saxenhammer
DJ Charts

Darkam, dybbuk, Guinea Pigs, Matthieu Bourel, Nevre, Oppositaer


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