Organise *92

Organise *92

Winter 2019 issue of the Anarchist Federation's magazine

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This issue has the usual news, views & reviews and has special sections on radical gaming & comics, including a ‘print & play’ game. See also a commentary about the artwork on the front of this issue.

CONTENTS (in brief, with twitter links)
1 – @abc_dresden
4 – Anarchist Federation Backs Earth Strike
6 – Interview with an @EarthStrikeUK organiser
12 – Productivity Is Not Your Friend – @PavloShopin
14 – Fashy Social Media Site Now Comes In Pink
16 – A Brief History Of Violence – @Rhyddical

23 – International Bulletin
24 – After A Period Of Dormancy, Japan Is Now Awake – Noma Yasumichi (@cracjp)
28 – Feminists Rise Up In Mexico
29 – Stateless And Oppressed
34 – Hongkongers Ain’t Nothing To Fuck With
39 – Fascist Foot In The Door Of Squats
40 – Spirou Trikoupi
41 – Refugees Welcome Stencil
42 – @bookfair2020

44 – Review: Desert, A Warning – John Warwick
47 – @beyondbarsuk
48 – An Anarchist Manifesto – Max Nettlau
54 – Putting The A Back Into Admin

58 – Review: A Bewitching Revolution @colestia3
59 – Review: Comrades
60 – The Board Game Is Political – Anteo (@riotboardgame)
including Print and Play Version of ‘RIOT: Cast the First Stone’

62 – The Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages
63 – @AssignedMale
64 – @Bogswallop
65 – Red And Black Salamander @9mmballpoint

64 – Rest In Power Tekoşer Piling / Lorenzo Orsetti
65 – Rest In Power Ewan Brown
66 – Anarchist Federation / @IntFedAnarchist


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