Learning Good Consent by Cindy Crabb

Learning Good Consent by Cindy Crabb

Learning Good Consent looks at the culture of sexual consent from a standpoint both sexy and educational.

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Curated by Doris editor Cindy Crabb, Learning Good Consent looks at the culture of sexual consent from a standpoint both sexy and educational. Over the course of 46 pages, Cindy and friends create a well-rounded consent workshop, with all sites set on healing and helping. In a world of shady abusers, demonized victims, and one-sided dating rituals,Consent has your back. As says Cindy in the zine's intro, "Talking about our experiences with consent, our struggles, our mistakes and how we've learned, these are part of a much larger revolutionary struggle."


Hello Amber!

" ... a comp zine on the topic of consent and includes such pieces as The Basics, Desiring Consent, Queers, Kissing And Accountability, Patterns, Positive Consent For Dudes Who Get It On With Dudes and a host of others, plus a reprint of the consent questions from Support zine, which is pretty eye-opening and thought-provoking in itself. Should be standard reading for anyone who has sex or is going to have sex. "


"This week I started reading a new zine that's hot off the presses: Learning Good Consent. It has really revved me up for the new year. There are submissions from people and organizations all over the country with folks giving advice, telling about their experiences, and saying really honestly "I have never been able to figure out a way to talk comfortably about consent" and then trying to do it anyway. Whether you've been practicing consent since your five-year-old self asked that cutie on the playground if they wanted to hold hands, or you don't think you know much about it at all, I *strongly* urge you to check this out."

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“ … a compilation zine, put together by Cindy Crabb (of Doris zine, riot grrrl press, of brilliance in general) on the subject of consent, picking up where the Support zine left off. If you aren’t familiar with these zine projects I recommend investigating them, (go to their website, or Microcosm has them too) because they are for everyone, not just survivors of abuse or sexual assault or rape. Basically, Learning Good Consent is a very mixed group of writing, some of it more personal and some matter of fact. For example there is a huge list of questions to ask yourself and potential partners, almost like a worksheet, to get you started thinking about consent.

There is an excellent article by Nick Riotfag about the consent dynamics of queer relationships between male-bodied people that has such an amazing and perceptive well-written analysis of gender socialization and constructs. I felt highly informed despite my own identification as a female practicing mostly heterosexuality. These are some worksheets (from the Philly Stands Up collective that works with both survivors and perpertrators to deal with sexual assault) that go over ways to understand what is and isn’t consent and to find ways to deal with and break patterns.

Also, the Down There Health Collective has a workshop on Sex and Communication and they included the discussion points, goals, and tools around this topic such as assumptions of gender, power, privilege, boundaries, sexually transmitted diseases or infections, and so on. There’s lists of abusive behaviors that one could use to identify what they are experiencing/imposing, communication tips; basically an incredible resource.

I strongly urge people to pick this up, especially if you don’t think you need it or know anyone who needs it. We need to be aware of the issue of consent and we need to have information available to people who are often isolated, ashamed, stuck, and unable to change things by themselves. This zine is just a starting point, really, but I think it’s extremely important and I’m so grateful that it exists.”


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