Animal Liberation and Social Revolution A6

Animal Liberation and Social Revolution A Vegan Perspective on Anarchism, or an Anarchist Perspective on Veganism Written by Brian Dominick

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A Vegan Perspective on Anarchism, or an Anarchist Perspective on Veganism Written by Brian Dominick in 1995 - and introducing the term “Veganarchism” - this text sets out to demonstrate that any approach to social change must be comprised of an understanding not only of social relationships, but also of the relationships between humans and non-human animals. However, it also shows that, in turn, animal liberation itself will never be a feasible approach without understanding and participating in the wider social revolutionary endeavour.

"To embrace veganism and forgo the consumption and utilization of
animal products is not an end, but a beginning; a new start affording
the practitioner an opportunity to see everyday realities in a
different light.
However, to speak of the suffering of non-human animals and the
benefits of a vegan lifestyle is often a disheartening situation to
the vegan, for typically the first reaction of her audience is to
disagree. Opponents of veganism say that the way vegans view
human-animal relationships (i.e. radically) is wrong, and that,
looming on the horizon, is a severe cost for such blatant societal
insubordination. Ultimately, they prophesize, the error of veganism
will become obvious and, eventually, the idea thrown away.
In a strange way, however, veganisms’s critics are correct.
Not until one realizes what makes veganism “unreasonable,” will the
individual realize the true reasoning behind what it means to be
vegan. Not until one questions what it is that depicts veganism as
“wrong,” in the eyes of non-vegans will one gain the ability to
adequately address the wrongs driving their refusal to accept
humanity’s violent and unwarranted treatment of non-human animals. Not
until the principles of veganism are applied to the rubric of
injustice as a whole will one understand the need for veganism at all.
They are correct because veganism in isolation defeats the purpose for
which it is intended.
And so it goes, for the alienation experienced as an effect of
breaking social conventions is often enough to make one “question” her
commitment to veganism.
As a philosophy, veganism stands in defiance to ideologies touching
the core of Western thought. Opposed to the irrational belief systems
which establishment institutions socialize people to “accept,” the
principles of veganism challenge individuals to confront the dogma
they are issued and to construct new ethics and values based on the
premises of compassion and justice.
This pamphlet has had various incarnations one of which was published by Active back in 2008
It is available online from The Anarchist Library.
This edition published by Active Distribution May  2021 as an A6 booklet


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