A Rough Guide to the UK Farming Crisis

A Rough Guide to the UK Farming Crisis

Farming is in crisis. Farmers complain that despite subsidies they cannot make ends meet, that they are paid less than production costs and many are being driven into bankruptcy

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  1. Introduction
  2. A bit of history: the development of the industrial food and farming system
  3. The UK farming crisis: which crisis do you mean? 
    • The UK farm income crisis
    • The web of interlinked crises
    • The global context: an even greater farming crisis in the developing world
  4. Casting the blame for the UK farming crisis
  5. The global trade in food 
    • Trade liberalisation: the economic principles
    • A brief history of global trade agreements
    • Who really benefits from trade liberalisation?
    • Corporate influence on global agricultural trade policy
    • Trade liberalisation: on balance good or bad for the developing world?
  6. Corporate control of the food system 
    • Where does the money go?
    • Maximising profits, minimising competition
    • The power of the UK supermarkets
  7. Rebalancing power in the food system: some ideas 
    • Food sovereignty
    • Removing food and agriculture from international trade agreements
    • Dismantling corporations
    • Creating new food networks
    • Movement building
  8. Conclusion - food control or food democracy?
  9. Resources on food and farming
  10. Further reading
  11. Glossary


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