Protein: less is more

Protein: less is more

Concise introduction to protein and veganism by Jennifer Eric

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A concise, easy to read introduction to what protein is and how it is used by the body. Topics include amino acids, photosynthesis, globular proteins, fibrous proteins, membrane proteins, collagen, keratin, elastin, DNA, complete protein, problems with animal protein. No chemistry required.

Think you have to consume animals for "complete proteins" and optimal living? Think again. Do you know what proteins actually are? How they are structured, where they come from, and the biology of it all? Or are you simply buying in to the marketing of Big Dairy, Big Meat and Big Pharma? It's time to find out.

Food is our fuel - always keep that in mind! By definition, the cure is in the kitchen. What you eat becomes part of your body in a very short amount of time.

The protein found in animal flesh, or animal byproducts (eggs, milk, cheese), is one kind of protein: plantbased amino acids that have been synthesized into a specific type of protein by a living being, to fill a specific function for that specific species. Animals do not create protein. We simply assimilate the raw materials found in plants into specific proteins, depending on our species and body type.

Protein that has already been assimilated by one animal (into the flesh, skin or organs of that animal) needs to first be broken up into its original form (the plantbased amino acids) for it to then be re-digested to form the proteins specific to human needs. In essence, what meat-consumption by humans boils down to is eating second-hand pre-digested nutrition in the form of flesh. Sounds yummy, doesn't it?

Nonessential amino acids can be synthesized by all mammals. But all mammals need to obtain the essential amino acids from dietary sources. By definition, animals are excluded as a proper source of protein. There is no protein "benefit" found in consuming the flesh or byproducts of other mammals. The digestive strain this puts on your body leads the way to a host of unpleasant diseases and overall discomfort.

121 pages. ISBN 978-2-490299-00-3.

About the author Jennifer Eric is a vegan chef and founder of the My Kitch'n vegan restaurants in Paris. She has a BA in Political Science and an MBA in International Marketing. Jennifer is a barfly from the good old days, an athlete, entrepreneur and vegan business owner. Born in Europe and educated in the US, she is multicultural and multilingual. She went vegan for environmental reasons.


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