Last Hours 17

Last Hours 17

Last Hours, issue 17 features 116 pages jam packed with interviews, articles, DIY guides, reviews etc. This issue is a themed issue around radical illustration.

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Last Hours – issue 17 – has just come out on April 11th. Once again it’s jam packed with interviews, articles, comix, DIY guides, columns and reviews about punk rock, DIY culture, revolution and autonomy! A full break down of what’s in the upcoming issue is featured below.


Radical illustration

This issue is themed around radical illustration. From its use in punk rock, to flyposting, and featuring a series of interviews and articles with inspiring and passionate artists. The issue showcases both their artwork, and the ideas behind it.


Nikki McClure

Making paper-cut images of everyday life; Nikki took time out to discuss why she creates images, her hopes for the future, and her love of crows.


Josh MacPhee

An artist interested in the interaction of anarchy and illustration. He’s the author of a series of books including Realizing the Impossibleand Stencil Pirates. He also established the Celebrate People’s History poster project and Just Seeds distribution. He talks about his inspirations and what he thinks the projects have achieved. Josh also created the grafitti stencil in the back of issue 17.



Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Bitterkomix have been publishing intelligent, incisive comics to describe the country’s extreme reality since 1990. They chatted with Antonis of Occupied London journal to discuss their current situation, thoughts of sex and Afrikaan culture.


Laura Oldfield Ford

An East London based artist, Laura creates Savage Messiah zine, which takes a psychogeographic tour of London. Mixing drawings of East London life with polemical statements of intent.


The Devil’s in the detail: an overview of punk rock illustration


Welly from Artcore zine has written a fascinating article on the past 30 years of punk rock illustration taking in the likes of Pushead, Kerri, Ransid, Gee Vaucher, through to more recent illustrators such as Michael Bukowski and Derek Hess. Featuring artwork by William Exley.

From Rebel Yell to Rebel Sell: countercultural commodification and the dissenter’s new clothes

Chris Lever explores how our countercultural is now propping up the sales counter, and ways to stop it being used as just another marketing gimmick. Featuring artwork by Freya Harrison.


Also featuring: Is that a dildo? The artwork of Cristy C. Road and Phlegm Comics


The bands

Fall of Efrafa – Brighton melodic crust talking about their new record, and the ills of religion


Subhumans – discussing Dick Lucas’s re-newed interest in painting and drawing


Sundowner – Chris McCaughan of Lawence Arms fame talking about his solo project, touring with Mike Park, and creating video hommages to Bob Dylan


One Night Stand in North Dakota – talk about tackling gender inequality whilst being mistaken for a cock rock band!


Not forgetting

Alan Moore

Taking time to discuss his new book Lost Girls, and using that as a springboard to talk about his home town Northampton, alchemy, magic, his thoughts on religion and what his upcoming projects are lining up to be. Featuring illustration by Melvin Gallapon.


Daisy’s Catering

A brief chat with an austrian DIY catering company recreating some of Austria’s most famous dishes in the most blasphemous way possible: without meat.


Other articles

Cranks Bike workshop – a self organised bike workshop in Brighton


Ladyfest London 2008 – organisers discuss the upcoming festival and the work that is going in to put it on


The feeding of the egos: a reaction for Jon Active to Steve Ignorant’s decision to “reform” Crass for a gig at the Shepard’s Bush Empire.


DIY Guides

Flyposting: a history and how to guide by Isy from Morgenmuffel zine

Make your own zine: a basic how to of pagination, folding, stapling and stealing artwork!

Preserving food: how to make marmalades, chutney and other preserving methods. Yum!



This issue featuring beautiful artwork by Laura Hughes.


Chris 12o5: I saw the number of the beast and survived

Phil Chokeword: Our first stop is a place called Hope (I wouldn’t want to live here)

Itch Fox (from the King Blues): The Met on the march

Chris Lever: When you pirate MP3s, you’re downloading economics

Natalie: Bike Grrrl

PJ Sheperd: I still love you Against Me!

Isy Morgenmuffel: Don’t eat shit and die

Mikey D: Chat until the glowing coals fade


26 pages of reviews and comment on recent releases including an interview with Toby Chelms of the New Wave of Cut and Paste.

Featuring over 100 record reviews, 60 comic and zine reviews and extended reviews on:


Expect Resistance – the new Crimethinc book

Riot Grrrl – Revolution girl style, written by Natalie and illustrated by Leah Stewart

and the output of Crass.

Illustrations adorn the review section by Pete Willis, Steve Larder, A-K Laine, and Edd Baldry.


Also featuring comix by

Pog – DIY unto death (part 2)

Steve Larder – Nottingham

Hey Monkey Riot – Late night shopping


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