Give Me Back *3

Give Me Back *3

Give me back the zine that took on the mantel from Heartattack, not as frequent but more DIY. This issue features MARGARET THRASHER, ULTRA DOLPHINS, SEASICK, NO AGE and more.

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As you might have noticed by the cover, this issue features interviews with MARGARET THRASHER, ULTRA DOLPHINS, SEASICK, NO AGE, and a collective interview with five punk sound engineers. There are also some great columns from Hope Amico, Keith Rosson, Katy Otto, Julia Booze, Travis Magoo and the rotating Teacher’s column which, in this issue, was written by Sabrina Gallagher. Also, The Down There Health Collective discuss the HPV vaccine and we have two great guest columns about how to legally play DIY shows in Canada and an argument for why punks and MySpace shouldn’t mix. And there’s a DIY page on “keeping your van alive.”

It’s another 56 page issue with tons of record, book and zine reviews and a bunch of pictures that were taken recently of sweet bands.

If you can’t find a copy at a show or record store near you, you can order single copies directly from us for $1.50 in the US, $2 in Canada or Mexico, or $4 anywhere else in the world. I highly prefer that you send orders to the PO Box, because I just think it’s a much more personal process—you send us a little letter and I send you a zine—but internationally, if it’s too much of a pain to get US currency, I understand why you might rather use Paypal. I just like the penpal aspect of real mail and I generally don’t deal with the Paypal stuff myself, so I feel a little disconnected to it.

Anyway, as usual, this zine is mostly distributed by punks like yourself, so if you would like to help with the distribution in your area check out the Distribution page. We will send you bulk copies of the zine for the cost of shipping and you can sell them for 50¢ (or more internationally) to get that money back.

Right now I’m sending out all the copies to subscribers, contributors, and advertisers, so if you are in that boat just keep an eye on your mailbox and let me know if it doesn’t show up in a week.

Oh yeah, and someone just told me they heard a rumor this issue, #3, was going to be our last issue. WTF? That didn’t come from us. We’re all still excited about this project and as far as we’re concerned we’re just getting started. It feels like we’re starting to pick up some momentum and we’re getting more help from some amazing people and we’re learning how to accept help from more people. We’re still figuring it all out, but it’s fun. And seeing this issue in print makes it all worthwhile.

Also, this issue marks the first issue that has paid for itself. The idea is that if the advertisements can cover the cost of printing, then the zine can be more accessible, because you, the reader, will only have to pay for the shipping. We went out of pocket for the first two and were prepared to float a couple more, but hopefully this is the beginning of the zine becoming financially sustainable. So thank you to all the advertisers who have contributed and who believed in us when we were struggling and just starting out. That kind of support is crucial in keeping this zine alive and accessible.

Thinking about the future, we’ve learned from this past year that it might’ve been too soon to try to jump right into getting on a quaterly schedule, so this year our goal is to just focus on putting out another three issues, four months apart. Our goals so far have been pretty simple. First we wanted to see if we could actually make the zine at all. Then we wanted it to grow into it’s own personality. Then hopefully sustain itself. And now we want it to come out regularly and dependably and still do all those things. Then we will work on doing all that just a little bit faster. We’ve been learning a shit load from each issue, so I think that will just happen naturally.

We’re always looking for contributions and submissions or ideas for interviews or articles, so you can reach me at givemebackzine at hotmail dot com, or even better, you can send a letter or postcard to:

Give Me Back
PO Box 73691
Washington, DC 20056

Send us your new records, books and zines to review. (Remember, we focus on DIY, so we don’t review stuff that has a preprinted barcode on the cover and we don’t review “promo-only” copies.) Oh, and unlike MRR, you only need to send us one copy, but do what you want.

The cut off for review submissions for the next issue is MARCH 1st, and that issue should be out by April 31st.

If you’re interested in advertising in the next issue, please get in touch and check out the Advertising page. We would like to get the ads in by MARCH 15th.

We’ve already started working on issue #4 and one or two interviews have already been done, including a conversation that Katy and I had with Zegota a couple weeks ago.

So yeah, I guess that’s about it.


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