#242/July ’03. Pensacola and San Francisco punk protest reports, John Wilkes Booze, Anfo, Bob Suren, Migra Violenta, Jackson 8, Snakepit zine, Krigshot, the Rites, Deadfall.

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 MRR 242 July The year keeps plugging away and so do your friends at MRR HQ, bringing you the good on the punk scene from around the globe! This time around we present to you interviews with Swedish hardcore masters KRIGSHOT, Peru's ANFO, NJ's The RITES, Argentina's MIGRA VIOLENTA, Texas' zine SNAKEPIT, new Bay Area HC heroes DEADFALL, Texas pop-punkers JACKSON 8, Mid-Western garage rockers JOHN WILKES BOOZE, and the man behind SOUND IDEA DISTRIBUTION, BOB SUREN. It's not just rocknroll mayhem though, because we also have a report on the actions done to fight Bush's "War On Terror." Inspiring tales, in terrifying times. It's another issue not to be missed for sure when you factor in the mountains of the most up to date and well informed reviews of the latest records, zines and book from the undeground! Maximum Rocknroll, we're not in it to lose!