Maximum RocknRoll *311 April 2009

Maximum RocknRoll *311 April 2009

 Print Media is Dead? Eric Lyle/Scam zine, John Holmstrom/Punk Magazine, Janelle/Tales of Blarg zine, Terminal Boredom, Shit-Fi, Z-Gun, History of Skate Zines, Punk Flyer Art plus various zine writers do a page of MRR as if it’s their own zine.

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This issue is focusing on fanzine culture and its significance in the punk community. An interview with Erick Lyle of the long-running San Francisco zine Scam, as well as, one with John Holmstrom of the legendary Punk magazine, one of the first punk zines from NYC. The artist Rich Jacobs compiled a history of skate zines, and there is an interview with Janelle Hessig of Tales of Blarg, the classic East Bay punk zine. There’s a feature about the politics and symbolism of punk flyer art, and an interview with Ryan Wells and Scott Soriano of the outsider garage zine, Z-Gun. Stuart Schrader of the Shit-Fi website discusses fanzine culture in the face of blogging, and for another perspective there is an interview with Rich of the music blog and online community Terminal Boredom. PLUS numerous zine makers were asked to make a page of MRR as if it was their own zine. All of that alongside the usual columns and the most extensive review section in punk!