Back2Front 6

Back2Front 6

Probably the best anarcho punk zine coming out of either Ireland or the UK nowadays. Well laid out and thoughtfull.

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back2front is back on the front line with the biggest issue yet and featuring a veritable plethora of radical but readable materials for your humble consumption. Buy yourself better!

  • · Moral Dilemma - London Punk Rockers with attitude talk stuff
  • · Stuart Christie and the Anarchist Film Archive - have you seen it yet?
  • · Danbert Nobacon - Country & Northern libertarianism from the Ex-Chumbawamba brick suit
  • · Behind Enemy Lines - Pittsburgh Crust legends discuss being late for the Tea Party
  • · The History of Scots Anarchism (Part 1) by Terri Marquez
  • · Dek Keenan of the Anarchist Federation interviewed by David M
  • · Oi Polloi - Deek talks about the early Scottish punk rock scene
  • · RDF - On the border with Chris Bowsher and the return of the free festival favourites
  • · 100 Years of the CNT plus an interview with current activist - Spanish anarchism
  • · CRASS the expropriation - discussion of the Crass reissues and an interview with Penny Rimbaud
  • · Columns, News
  • · Book, zine and music reviews [we don't say 'awesome' ever]
  • · Rushed transcripts, forced humour, pixilated graphics, dodgy reporters ,suspect politics
  • · New artwork from Sean Fitzpatrick and others
  • · Subliminal messages designed to make you rise against church and state, or your money back

Forget throwing your shoe or dancing to the tune of tired trade unions; drinking yourself to death; smoking yourself into oblivion; going to a cold house on Sunday to watch a po-faced cunt tell you the church needs re-roofed again; facing the east with a bad knee; listening to Simon Cowell as if it mattered or generally accepting the status quo (please contribute to the real farewell tour however). Simply insert into a bottle half full of petrol (that's if you can afford it), light and fling with wreckless abandon... ah, but only having discussed potential outcomes with the children, women and men of your village and established that such a contribution may well wrinkle the odd eyebrow at least, rather than reveal an exasperated show of bravado which will merely serve to assist elderly judges with marital problems in drafting new legislation with which to crush the rising tide.

This item weighs 250g. This item is sold at cost price. If that's a problem you can rip it off from all good bookstores; if you're reviewing this in your publication and you think that makes it expensive then you can veritably go forth and multiply, cos we ain't responsible for the machinations of capitalist society in your jurisdiction.

In Mrs. Windsor's apparently united kingdom a paltry £3.00 postpaid



In Mrs. Merkel's rather segregated union we ask a mere €5 postpaid



In Mr. Obama's meekly disunited states a disgraceful $9 postpaid



In the rest of the trilateral zone (please consult a lawyer)

Free to prisoners on request!

Proceeds from this recalcitrant behaviour will be contributed to Just Books!, Belfast's only radical book shop. Trading is always possible, but real change is never easy.


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