Every Day Failures *1, by Sarah B

Every Day Failures *1, by Sarah B

Every Day Failures #1, A Punk Stuck in Suburbia  by Sarah B


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Sarah B.'s debut zine, Every Day Failures, is a powerhouse of devastating storytelling, hilarious relatability, and uncomfortable truth. Says Sarah in the zine's opening, "A few months ago my longtime boyfriend, Matt, got a straight job in the city and started acting weird." What follows is newly single parent Sarah and her two toddler daughters leaving the punk-house the girls were raised in and taking refuge at Sarah's aunt's miniMcMansion in the suburbs while the aunt's out of town. 

Pushed by crippling poverty and growing depression, Sarah finds a new kind of isolation surrounded by upper-middleclass wealth and distrustful neighbors as she tries to get by without being able to work while still keep true to her punk parenting ethics. (And what's more isolating? Being a parent in the punk community or being a punk in the suburbs? Also what happens when you feel out of step with society but aren't finding what you need in radical spaces?) 

With candid depictions of sex, disconnection, and (what amounts to) a total nervous breakdown, this zine is a harrowing (and often times very funny) reflection of what a lot of young, low-income, punk parents are struggling with. A graceful, tough, vividly-written piece of work for this new voice, Every Day Failures is a hard read but it's not without its fighting spirit, and when we see Sarah's brave side it's downright inspiring. We can't wait to see what comes next ...


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