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Back2Front *5

This issue includes DOA, Cit Fish, Lobotomies, Norman Nawrocki, unionising the sextrade, the rise and fall and resurgence of anarchism in Russia (massive piece including scene report) and lots of other stuff, columns, reviews and a bit more ranting than usual.

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In-depth interviews with:

D.O.A. - The hardcore legends 30 years on - Joey Shithead about the early days to the recent Northern Avenger Tour

The Lobotomies - Anarcho-punks from Belfast who practice what they preach...

Norman Nawrocki - Ex-Rhythm Activism poet, anarchist activist, writer and performer talks about his sex show which has been seen by over 1 million people to date.... and plenty much else besides

Citizen Fish - Dick Lucas talks about fishy goings on and plans for the future


Massive article on the Rise, Fall and Resurgence of Anarchism in Russia charting the early anarchist movement, Bakunin and Kropotkin, Makhno in the Ukraine and the Kronstadt uprising, the collapse of the revolution and the rise of Communism. The article also charts how punk rock brought a resurgence in anarchist ideas and features a scene report on punk and activism today.


Unionising the Sex trade - It doesn't matter what you think of the sex trade and its inherent exploitation, creating a union for sex workers is a step towards ending that exploitation.


2-Tone, 30 Years on - The Specials are reformed and charging a days wage for a ticket - we look back at the original ska revival, the anti-racist message and kick-back against Thatcherism. When Ghost Town was Number 1 half the country was ablaze in rioting...

As well as

Articles on the British Nazi Party, Climate chaos, Riots and Recession, anti-capitalism...


New comic from Edd (Last Hours/Hey Monkey Riot)

as well as columns, tons of reviews and the usual bad taste.

Should be availlable any day. Distributers please get in tocuh.

Oh and it has an excellent full colour front cover by Sean Fitzpatrick from Protest Zine who also does the podcast on this site



This is probably the best zine to come out of the British Isles!


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