Maximum Rocknroll *272 JANUARY 2006

Conga Fury, Let’s Grow, Frustration, Bastardass, Icons of Filth, Burial, Hrydjuverk, Cranked Up!, Urrke T & the Midlife Crisis, Tropezio, Baboon of Sickness zine. Scene reports: Austin, France, Michigan, Larry Wolfley photos.

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Hell yeah! The first Maximumrocknroll of 2006 features some of our most far-reaching international punk coverage yet. There are interviews with Japanese thrashers (and our cover models) CONGA FURY, Icelandic Scandi-beaters HRYDJUVERK, Japan-o-phile Germans BURIAL, Philly street punkers CRANKED UP, Swedish rock’n’rollers MIDLIFE CRISIS, thoughtful Puerto Rican punx TROPIEZO, Serbian fastcore lovers LETS GROW, the art-damaged French quintet FRUSTRATION, SoCal powerviolence up-and-comers BASTARDASS, and last but not least the man behind Baboon of Sickness fanzine. There is also another excellent anarcho history lesson from Lance Hahn, this time featuring the legendary ICONS OF FILTH. And, as always, there are reviews, letters, and columns a-plenty, alongside great scene reports and photos from Michigan, Austin, TX, and the Bay Area