MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL *270 November 2005

MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL *270 November 2005

Clorox Girls European Tour, Czolgosz, Regulations, Time Flys, Taxi, No More Lies, Oil!, Paddy Costello of the Dillinger Four, Smartpils, Revenge of Mongoloid, Pisschrist, Scene reports: Puerto Rico, UK, Russia.

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This fantastically exciting issue of MRR features a European tour diary fromour cover darlings, Portland's ultra-catchy punk trio, the CLOROX GIRLS! And of course we've got a plethora of interviews, including Boston's intelligent anarcho-hardcore punks CZOLGOSZ, Swedish favorites REGULATIONS, Barcelona's NO MORE LIES, 70s-influenced Bay Area rockers THE TIME FLYS, Japanese "hybrid rock 'n' roll hardcore" band ROM, Italian punkers TAXI, and "real" Oi street yobs OIL! But wait, there's more! Letters from the flooded New Orleans punx; scene reports from Puerto Rico, Russia, and the UK; Lance Hahn's latest anarcho punk history lesson with the UK's SMARTPILS; "We Want the Airwaves" with Austin, Texas's Deadthyme radio show; and a wee bit about Australia's PISSCHRIST on tour in Southeast Asia. Good on ya, mates!