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Abolition Revolution


by Aviah Sarah Day and Shanice Octavia McBean, An abolitionist manifesto for everyone fighting for revolution. Pluto 2022

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by Aviah Sarah Day and Shanice Octavia McBean

George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis triggered abolitionist shockwaves. Calls to defund the police found receptive ears around the world. Shortly after, Sarah Everard’s murder by a serving police officer sparked a national abolitionist movement in Britain. But to abolish the police, prisons and borders, we must confront the legacy of Empire.

Abolition Revolution is a guide to abolitionist politics in Britain, drawing out rich histories of resistance from rebellion in the colonies to grassroots responses to carceral systems today. The authors argue that abolition is key to reconceptualising revolution for our times – linking it with materialist feminisms, anti-capitalist class struggle, internationalist solidarity and anti-colonialism.

Perfect for reading groups and activist meetings, this is an invaluable book for those new to abolitionist politics – whilst simultaneously telling a passionate and authoritative story about the need for abolition and revolution in Britain and globally.

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