Mailorder for all things anarchist

Mailorder for all things anarchist

We love books, and firmly believe that reading helps foster revolution. So, here are lots of books, and also pamphlets, zines, stickers, and badges. Active is run out of love and in our free time - we aren't Aaaamazon, ok? We're just some folks who are quite into books.

Also EUROPEAN COMRADES: we are only a DIY set up, not a proper business, so at the moment we can't send you orders without risking big customs charges. We have currently disabled orders from the EU but will try to find a solution. In the meantime you can order ACTIVE PUBLISHED TITLES by emailing and we can arrange to get things sent direct from the printers.

PAYPAL: Don't forget to add this extra payment to your cart to help cover the fees if you are paying by paypal.

POST: sometimes takes longerl, and we're running Active in our free time and aren't a corporate service, so getting your orders done may take a bit of time! If you need things by a deadline, just email us to let us know. We can't offer actual tracking (despite what it says on checkout), only a signed for service you can add on and pay a bit extra for (within the UK) for more peace of mind.

Active Publishing: Jon started doing an anarchist distribution in 1986 and named it Active in 1989 when he linked up with a record distro and opened a squat bookshop in Hackney, now he's left the UK for the Croatian hills. He's continuing the publishing side of Active, for details see Active Distribution Publishing.