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Agitprop Notes


MayDay Rooms pamphlet no2. 2023

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Agit-Prop Notes documents the radical print culture that erupted in the 1970s, which saw political and social movement groups taking-up newly accessible and affordable small off-set litho, screen printing and duplication technologies to produce leaflets, newspapers, flyers, comics bulletin, positioning papers all in the aid of struggle. It looks at how types of collective production and design gave material form to types of organisation, experimentation, orientation and authority.

With original contribution from Social Commontating, Esther McManus and Guglielmo Rossi, and archival reproduction of documents from Big Frame, Wapping Dispute, Resistance Comics, Union Place: Community Resource Centre and Radical Bookseller. 

Editorial by Rosemary Grennan and Jacob Bard-Rosenberg
Designed by Simon Josebury

149 x 210mm, 190 pages, Black & white printing, Perfect bound, Softcover, 2023

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