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Auroras of the Zapatistas edited by Midnight Notes


Auroras of the Zapatistas, Local & Global Struggles of the Fourth World War edited by Midnight Notes 

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The Midnight Notes folks—including such names as Silvia Federici, Peter Linebaugh, George Caffentzis, David Riker, and Gustavo Esteva—have consistently been providing incisive analysis on economics and the struggles it engenders, for nearly 30 years now. As they put it so well—”We look here not only at the Zapatista revolution directly, but also at its enlightening and heating effects on the new social struggles elsewhere—in Canada, India, the Balkans, the United States—struggles against the latest forms of capitalism, ‘neo-liberalism’, ‘globalization’. We aim to provide a special slant of light illuminating the slow and often unconscious formation of an ‘anti-globalization’ movement—a movement confronting a collective body of social capital rapidly and self-consciously operating on a global level in the last decades—and creating what the Zapatistas call ‘the Fourth World War'”

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