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Bad Apple Issue 4


A magazine for interfaith blasphemy, and activist spirituality. 2023

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Contents Issue 4:

Nora Ziegler
White Christians, Antitheism and Cultural Appropriation

Adenike Seafield
The Boy I met in the Bar

Interview: ‘We are definitely squatting’

Bending the Canticle

Hayyim Rothman
Three Poems

Of Kurds and Quakers


We are a group of friends who want to engage in conversations about faith and social justice organising as well as the nexus between them. We are Christian and Muslim women, writers, and activists based in London and the south east.

We are inspired by anarchist, queer, feminist, anti-ableist, anti-colonial, anti-capitalist and anti-racist practices and schools of thought. We believe these perspectives create possibilities for spiritual transformation. However, we also recognise the limitations of pure “isms” and encourage dialectic thought that challenges the boundaries between the secular and the mystical, the political and the personal.

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