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Banksy, Locations and Tours 3rd Ed.


Subtitled “A collection of Graffiti locations and photographs in London”. Self published pocket size but large! With over 100 photographs. This is set up as 3 guided tours around London’s most interesting g graffiti zones. Nicely done! The third Edition Revised and Updated

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BLT (Banksy Locations and Tours) is the new (unofficial) Banksy graffiti locations book, painstakingly compiled by Martin Bull. 170 pages, 65 locations and 100 colour photographs. I think Martin must have been a train spotter in a previous life – there’s postcodes and GPS references for every location along with comments about the history of the piece or the things that have happened (hippies and strippers) when his tours have arrived at a site. It’s pretty much Banksy all the way but he does include some other artists such as Eine, Dface and Blek Le Rat. It’s a great little book, kind of reminds me of the little Banksy books (but a lot thicker). Ideal for reading in the smallest room in the house.

There are three walk and look tours included (Hoxton & Shoreditch, Farringdon & Clerkenwell, Waterloo, South Bank and Victoria Embankment). Some of the graffiti has already gone but a walk around any of these areas will always be interesting and you might just stumble on something new as Martin did when he found the Banksy Maid on the side of the White Cube gallery.


A Collection of Graffiti Locations & Photographs in London, 
mainly of Banksy’s street work

– 3 London Tours

– 65 Detailed Graffiti Locations

– Over 100 Colour Photographs

Also including mentions of Eine, Faile, El Chivo, Arofish, Space Invader, 
Blek Le Rat, D*face, and Shepard Fairey / Obey.

Do you fancy wandering the streets of London looking for graffiti, 
especially that from Banksy?

Or do you prefer just sitting at home in your comfy chair, looking at 
photos of his street work and reading a bit about them?

This book lets you do either.

Follow the author’s street tours or make your own DIY tour. Collect all 
the locations like a geek, or just wander around a bit, stop at pubs, have 
a fag, and hope to cop a glance into a strip joint (as one tour member 
proudly told the author they had).

Or just flick through the book whilst on the toilet.

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