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Breathing Spaces A4


for Meditation, Relaxation and Inspiration. Spiralseed 2021

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Breathing Spaces is a large format book full of thought provoking and positive quotations from a wide range of pioneering thinkers, writers, poets and activists including Vandana Shiva, Lao Tse, Bill Mollison, Robert Hart, Wangari Maathai, David Holmgren and Arundhati Roy, with related illustrations themed around permaculture, nature, food growing and thriving communities.

Following the permaculture principle of multiple functionality, we wanted to produce something that was more than simply an adult colouring book, but also offers opportunities for note taking,  journalling, planning, reflection, inspiration and thinking during what for many of us are difficult times. Use this book to create your own ‘Breathing Spaces’ by taking some time out of your day to read the quotes and, if you like, write down any thoughts or ideas you may have. Or mindfully colour the pictures using either felt tip pens or coloured pencils and enjoy the calming and stress-relieving benefits that come from increased focus and creative (non) activity.

If you’d prefer to keep this book as it is and would rather not write or draw on it, that’s OK. Simply scan the QR code included to access PDF versions of all the pages which you can print out and use as often as you like.

Enjoy your Breathing Spaces!

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