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Cured Quail Vol 2


A well produced journal of critical theory, October 2020

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Cured Quail is a journal of critical theory that takes seriously the aesthetic, social and conceptual problems of illiteracy. However, illiteracy is not meant here in the customary sense of simply being unable to read or write. Rather, Cured Quail poses the question of illiteracy as that which hinders fully experiencing the words on a page, the patience required by an idea, or the particulars expressed by a work of art. For this, Cured Quail’s essential starting point is to presume that the journal is unlikely to be read. This presumption is also the journal’s line of inquiry: how and under what social circumstances has the practice of reading collapsed? We contend that the compulsions of inattention pervade society as a whole and emaciate cultural experience. Cured Quail is concerned with discussions on culture, philosophy, political economy and modern and contemporary art, featuring critical essays, reviews, polemics, interviews, and other formats.

Contents of Volume 2:

• The New Parochialism
• For a Dialectical Concept of Culture by Marcel Stoetzler
• On Dosing Culture by Christopher Crawford
• How to Scratch Off Wallpaper by Veronika Russell
• Art and Social Reality: Historical Origins of Aesthetic Abstraction by Ross Wolfe
• A Short Twenty-First Century by Paul Barrow
• Fichte’s Ghost by Rebecca Carson
• Residue of the Absurd: Adorno and the Reconciliation of the Poetic Lyric by George Kovalenko
• Empowerment: An Infantile Disorder by Eric-John Russell
• Enemies of Art for the Sake of its Realization: Some Comments on Crawford and Adorno by A New Institute for Social Research
• Wrong World, Right Wishing by Christoph Hesse
• Narcissism as Norm: Psychic Deformation in Late Capitalist Society by Peter Samol
• Narcissus or Orpheus? Notes on Freud, Fromm, Marcuse and Lasch by Anselm Jappe
• Psychologizing Sociology? by Alexandra Ivanova
• What are the Children Lacking? by Anselm Jappe
• The Cave Where Echo Lies by Juan Chabrier

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