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Ethics Into Action by Peter Singer


Ethics in Action, Spira and the Animal Rights Movement by Peter Singer

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Henry Spira has been a teacher, a guide, an inspiration to his generation and the one that is about to take over. — Roger Caras, president of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals One life’s calling, one life’s passion, one life’s work of conscience and art. Here is the story of someone who dances to his own drummer, leading the revolution forward. — Carol J. Adams, author of The Sexual Politics of Meat and Neither Man Nor Beast Henry Spira is a shining example of how to be an effective, pragmatic, and humane animal activist. In this volume, world-renowned philosopher Peter Singer, who was the inspiration for Spira’s start in animal activism, has produced a marvelously lucid and insightful biography of his life and activist philosophy. — Paul G. Irwin, CEO of the Humane Society of the United States You cannot have an accurate understanding of what the animal rights movement has achieved these last three decades without reading what the movement’s most revered philosopher relates in Ethics into Action about the movement’s most tactically brilliant activist… To have insight into the still-spinning web of Henry’s life is to understand how compassion sensibly lived can drive humane accomplishments. — John F. Kullberg, executive director of the HSUS Wildlife Land Trust The name Henry Spira is synonymous with activism that makes a difference … and that carries with it the broad perspective that is needed. When the animal rights movement finally achieves the respect it deserves … Spira will be to animal liberation as King was to civil rights-and Singer, a giant himself in our field, tells his story as no one else could have. — Doug Moss, cofounder of Animal’s Agenda Magazine Henry Spira is not a Catholic, but if he were his patron saint would surely be St. Francis of Assisi-he who loved all God’s creatures. All his life Henry has fought for the helpless, but most of all for the most helpless of the helpless. Here is his story in Peter Singer’s Ethics into Action, a powerful scholarly and often painful narrative, a book bristling with facts and documentation. If you are Catholic you’ll put Henry Spira’s picture right up there with St. Francis, and, in honor of Peter Singer, you might pass on that next sirloin steak. — Frank McCourt, author of Angela’s Ashes Without being preachy or polemical, this brilliant consciousness-raising life story makes a strong case that it’s time to phase out the needless suffering of animals. Publishers Weekly Singer has produced a clear, engaging and useful account of Spira’s productive career. The Nation Singer’s well-written and fascinating book is essential for animal welfare and animal rights collections. — Peggie Partelo, Keene State college, NH Library Journal 19990101 inspirational to those who are working for any kind of social change, because they demonstrate that it is possible … Bloomsburg Review 19990315 Singer has written an admirable biography of an individual whose life can provide lessons to us all: a man who cut through the nonsense and had a profound effect on many who knew him. But above all else, Ethics into Action demonstrates how important certain unique individuals are to political movements. — David J. Wolfson The Animals’ Agenda Peter Singer has done well to introduce Henry Spira to a wider public. — E.S. Turner Times Literary Supplement Singer’s story of his friend [Henry Spira] is engrossing, and will inspire moderate activists the world over. The New York Review Of Books This unique book explores the way philosophical arguments on behalf of non-human animals shaped one man’s life and the way that man’s life subsequently shaped the strategies and activism of an entire social movement. Political Studies Review An inspiring introduction to the world of animal rights, environmental ethics, social activism, and personal choice. The book flows in a lively fashion and should prove both interesting and informative to readers at all levels. CHOICE Social movement scholars will enjoy reading Ethics into Action as a case study of an early animal rights activist. More importantly, this book provides an alternative view to the single-minded focus of the animal rights movement by displaying an activist whose pragmatic approach connected themes from myriad social movements. Above all, the book is a primer fro social activists who are interested how to achieve change. For those dissatisfied with simply yelling at the public, Singer has written a book that can help activists envision how activists can take on seemingly impossible opponents and win. Social Movement Studies


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This is not just a biography, but a handbook for activists
How can one person make the world a better place? I have written this book so that Henry Spira’s extraordinary life as an activist can serve as a model and an inspiration to others. By thinking about how giant corporations might be vulnerable, he found ways to change their practices and stop totally unnecessary suffering. Spira has led Revlon, Avon and other cosmetics companies to change their testing practices so that the words “not tested on animals” now appear on most cosmetics products – and are (usually) true. He stopped bizarre sex experiments on cats at the American Museum of Natural History, and has led the American animal movement in campaigns against the way animals are reared in intensive confinement “farms”. How did Spira do this? His methods came from his long background as a campaigner on other issues – trade union reform, civil rights in the South, against American intervention in Cuba, and so on. Spira has shown that it doesn’t take huge amounts of money, or a big organisation, to change the world. An individual still can make a difference. This book will serve its purpose if it helps to dispel the myth that we are all powerless in the face of the big guns that normally determine the direction of our society – and if it gives people who want to take on those big guns, some ideas that help them to do so. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


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