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Forest Gardening, a beginners’ guide


Spiralseed 2021

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Forest gardening is a low-maintenance sustainable plant-based food production and agroforestry system based on woodland ecologies, incorporating fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines and perennial vegetables which have yields directly useful to humans. Despite the name, which perhaps implies that they require large amounts of space, the principles of forest gardening can be replicated in even the smallest of urban gardens or community spaces, including public parks, inner city housing estates, school grounds and even mini-forest gardens planted in containers and tubs on tower block balconies!

This 28 page full colour publication is an ideal primer for those new to the concept of forest gardening or anybody who would like to know more, providing  a brief history of Forest Gardening in the UK, a step by step guide to creating your own forest garden, the seven layers of the forest garden, forest garden crops and more.

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