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History of Organized Fascism in Serbia


Originally written in February 2013 for the anarchist journal Notes from the Steppe from Salonika, Greece. This pamphlet March 2013 by The Anarchist Library.

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History of Organized Fascism in Serbia by Sava Devurić

1. Emergence of organized fascism

2. Role of fascist groups in WW2, function of fascist ideas in WW2

3. Re-emergence during the wars in ex Yugoslavia, forms and reasons for the reappearance of fascism post 1989 / today’s scene / street fascism / role in the state apparatus

Appendix I — Antifascism

Appendix II — On the authoritarian political culture in Serbia

Although Serbia/Yugoslavia was and still is a generally conservative environment, I think that it could be said fascism, in a strict definition, was a relatively small movement within it. Early on there were proto-fascist groups, like the conspiratorial Black Hand in the pre-1918 period, and various fascistic groups in the 1920’s (ORJUNA and others). The first more ideologically well-defined fascist groups in Serbia and Yugoslavia appeared in the first half of 1930’s (not counting the Croatian Ustašas, which are a separate issue). These smaller groups united in 1935, and this is how the Yugoslav National Movement Zbor (Rally) was formed, led by a Serbian lawyer Dimitrije Ljotić.

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