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I didn’t go to work today Sticker


The classic 90’s squatters poster on a sticker.

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Many years ago a bunch of anarcho activists from North London produced a load of interesting publications (including the first Breaking Free Tin Tin comic), pamphlets, leaflets, free newspapers and four posters. The most popular by far of the posters was this design. Active sold hundreds of them at 50p at time – ah remember those days when a loaf of bread…..!  Originally in green and black we’ve colourised it and reduced it quite a bit.


For those who wonder why the most active bunch of anarcho’s you know (us!) appear to be celebrating laziness ! well you’ve missed the point! There’s a bunch of good explanations for this design/message but here at Active Towers we like the following;

1, This society is based on capitalist -state or private- exploitation of workers, pretty much anything that encorages workers to look beyond the lies that keep us as wage slaves is a positive step.

2, We need to dream of what is possible, we need to make those dreams a reality but first we need to have time to dream.

3, Spending days in bed (with and without others) has been some of the best times in my life, this can not be said of my time at work.

4, In my experience the supervisors and managers at work never have to work as hard as us except for when we “pull a sicky”, that is justifiable revenge.

5, Rejection of the Protestant Work Ethic is a first step towards debunking our minds of the hegemony that keeps us towing the party line. Ever wondered why every politician says “you should vote” and “we must get you back to work”?

6, Claiming benefits is the justifiable luxury of any thinking anarchist trying to avoid wage slavery and knowing that the state (and the rich) has stolen its wealth from the people by force and false consciousness and whatever we manage to get out of the system will never match what it has taken from us.


More on these themes come in the works of the Situationists and the revolutionaries of the 60’s and 80’s. Obviously Active Distribution like most othe other radicals we respect has no time for those who are parasitic on the energies of those trying to build alternatives but that’s not what this sticker is about…. is it!

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