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Letters from Prison


On Societal Freedom. by Theordore Keloglou, published by Lanikea Books 2023

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Society can be prison.

In this collection of essays the author reflects on the contemporary enslavement of individuals under the guise of school, the economy, and achievement. Children and young people, interpersonal problems and communities, and start- ups and the industry are the main themes with freedom guiding the final part as well as weaving itself throughout as a recurring motif.

Can we realise what freedom is if we lack it?

Among the main four parts, three interludes intersperse, each dedicated to the appreciation of a cultural artefact: an old song, a new film, and timeless chocolate.

Table of Contents

  • Part 1: On Persons of the Future
    • 1.1 Letter from prison
    • 1.2 School’s wrongness
    • 1.3 Against adult supremacy
    • 1.4 Advice to new programmers
  • Interlude I: Homage to Chocolate
  • Part 2: All Problems are Interpersonal
    • 2.1 On wasting one’s time
    • 2.2 The world is based on gifts
    • 2.3 One thought at a time
    • 2.4 From one to many
    • 2.5 Open source as societal theory
  • Interlude II: Atom Heart Mother
  • Part 3: Rethinking the Industry
    • 3.1 The strong state collapse
    • 3.2 Industry and context
    • 3.3 On startup acquisitions
    • 3.4 A new startup lifecycle
  • Interlude III: Everything Everywhere
  • Part 4: On Freedom

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