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Our Story: The Rossport 5


The Rossport Five’s own story of battling against Shell Oil.

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The Rossport scandal hasnt had appropriate coverage in the British press, but it has been a topic of much protest and controversy in Ireland, and environmental campaign groups here will know of the case. The book tells the story of a community’s campaign to halt Shell Oil International’s plan to exploit the Corrib gas field off the coast of Rossport, Co Mayo, in NW Ireland. The companys plans include constructing a high pressure pipeline and onshore refinery on local residents’ land; residents who have not been properly consulted, or offered unbiased information on the effects of the development, residents who have not given their consent. Five local men were imprisoned for 94 days under an injunction Shell enforced, designed to prevent resistance to the development. These men and their families tell the story in their own words. 

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