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Solidarity and its discontents


Riots, rebellion and repression in Bristol (2011-2023) by Asbo.

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Riots, rebellion and repression in Bristol (2011-2023) by Asbo

A reflection by a Bristol comrade on the last 12 years of struggle and repression, outlining their perspective on the moments of joy and freedom in the fight against the state as well as the moments of capitulation and retreat, and what may have led to this. Including discussion of the repression of the Kill the Bill riot of 2021 for which many people have been sent to prison.

“This is a messy starting point to address these issues – an attempt to unpack and explore how people can effectively end up policing themselves. No one is immune from the powers of the state, or the type of strange peer-pressure that arises (…) When people come together based on solidarity focused on individuals rather than ideas and actions, it can create some pretty strange dynamics.”

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