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Tear Down The Walls by John Bowden


A Leeds ABC pamphlet  from 2008 with an introduction by Mark Barnsley

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John Bowden has been at the forefront of the British prison struggle for more than 2 decades. He is both a tireless prison militant and an articulate and insightful writer. Tear Down The Walls! contains two inspiring and informative texts by John. In the autobiographical Unbroken! John shares his story with us; a tale of inhumanity and resistance to that inhumanity, and of a political awakening in the dark dungeons which the State prefers left unlit. In Prison – A Crime Against Humanity John explains, clearly and concisely, why prisons can never be ‘reformed’ and must be destroyed absolutely.

“When prisoners empower themselves through collective organisation and solidarity, they become the one force capable of truly frightening those who administer and enforce the prison system. That spirit of resistance is something that should inspire all of us.” 

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