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Thank You for Your Continued Interest


Thank You for Your Continued Interest by Rev. Richard J. Mackin

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There is something both childlike and wise about Richard Mackin’s writing. He’s a schoolyard smart aleck when he writes a haiku to Nike’s CEO and says, “For all his riches… Phil Knight’s still ugly.” He’s a goofy whiz when he writes to George W. Bush and asks, “What’s the deal with Beef Jerky?” He’s a bit of a hero to us all when he takes on corporations that fill our landscapes with ads, our tables with genetically modified food, and our world with weapons of war. Mackin started over a decade ago with a silly letter to M&Ms. Since then, his Consumer Defense Corporate Poetry has grown into an institution with national speaking tours, seventeen Book of Letters zines, the critically acclaimed book, Dear Mr. Mackin…, and now the hilarious follow up, Thank You for Your Continued Interest. Through it all, Mackin continues to be a witty kid and a wise old man, taking on corporate America with paper airplanes.

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