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The best conservationists made our environment and can save it


by Four Legged Human, Bandicoot pamphlets, 2023

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by Stephen Corry.
“Around the world – though only where they are politically strong and numerous enough – Indigenous peoples are now blocking proposed ‘development’ sites and tourist roads, rejecting financial compensation, filing legal complaints, and fighting to stop the environments they depend on – which, remember, they have created themselves – from being torn from their stewardship. Their role in the vanguard of true conservation is slowly beginning to be acknowledged. Unfortunately, this is almost always with little more than hot air – grand declarations not reflected in action. Worse, it remains the norm for conservation projects to encourage the eviction of Indigenous peoples from their ancestral lands, which usually destroys them. The major conservation organisations remain guilty of this illegal and counterproductive measure, notwithstanding their public relations departments pretense that they changed years ago.