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Deconstructing a Police Frame-Up  and Exposing the State. by Asel Luzarraga. Active Distribution Dec 2023

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Deconstructing a Police Frame-Up  and Exposing the State.
by Asel Luzarraga . Foreword by Penny Rimbaud
Dec 2023
I only hope that this portrait of a political–police–media frame-up, the most faithful that I have been capable of, has served readers to gain a better picture of the real nature of states, with their nuances and distances, better or worse singularities, greater or lesser explicit brutality, more or less savage violations of human rights, depending on the greater or lesser fear they have of individual and collective freedom. I insist that with this I have only tried to exemplify in the case that I have known best, my own, the operation of power apparatuses, the close alliance between political parties, repressive bodies, the judiciary and the media, all of them tools at the service of the same military and economic leadership called the state. What has happened to me is happening day by day and in a much more serious and invisible way to millions of people. I, at least, have been given the tools to tell it and have the responsibility to do so. Yesterday it was me, tomorrow it can be you. Putting an end to anti-social barbarism requires much more than the existence of organizations that watch over “human rights”. It demands putting an end to the entire inseparable structure, to the capital–state duo; if not, we will only be making the chains lighter. To achieve this, we must first convince ourselves that we really want it and be willing to make the sacrifice that it requires. Better today than tomorrow.

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