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The history and relevance of Anarchist Communism by Nick Heath . Just Books Publishing 2022

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The history and relevance of Anarchist Communism as described by long term activist and writer for the Anarchist Communist Federation and the Anarchist Federation, Nick Heath.

Anarchist communism often hides in the shadows in the general works on anarchism available, only clearly emerging when the ideas of Kropotkin, Reclus and Malatesta are discussed. All too often it’s rejected as a poor relation to the mass movements launched by anarchosyndicalism and revolutionary syndicalism.

This book seeks to rehabilitate the current of anarchist-communism and make it better known and understood, and to renovate and modernise it. It offers a prehistory of the idea, its origins in the First International and extensive chapters on the history of anarchist communism in Europe, the Americas and Asia. As such it is the first comprehensive work on anarchist communism where it isn’t sidelined or ends up as a footnote.

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