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The Lianas that strangled the serpent


Trilingual novel, Active Publishing 2023

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The Lianas that Strangled the Serpent is a trilingual novel set in the 1930s that details the struggle against fascism within the German community in Mexico City. It does so through the experience of Otto, an anarchist worker and second generation immigrant. His political deception of the post-revolutionary period as well as his personal inclinations towards cynicism will be temporarily dropped when facing the need to confront the immediate expansion of fascism in Mexico and in Europe. It is a story that speaks of antifascism and of international solidarity, a snapshot of a historical period full of global changes, focusing on the impact they left on the lives of normal people.

Not only does this book by Border Disorder tell a fascinating story, but its original format is an educational tool with each paragraph being reproduced in English, Spanish and Italian. Like this, specific sections, words, expressions, or sentence constructions can be read comparatively between whichever language the reader understands and whichever they are learning.

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