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The Totality is Incomplete


by Alex Garrion

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Alex Gorrion will be familiar to anyone who has paid attention to The Anvil, which was (and still is, in a lingering fashion) primarily a journal of anarchist reviews of non-anarchist culture. Alex has done some of the most fun, exciting, interesting, and personal writing on that site, like a more accessible frere dupont. Alex is one of my favorite anarchist writers, and I wish for more writing by them, but until then, here are Alex’s favorites from that site, collected for your reading pleasure, far away from the glowing screen. These articles include thoughtful and critical responses to Tiqqun texts; popular music icons like Jewel and Kanye (yes, I did just put them in the same sentence); thoughts on brilliant anarchists like Novatore and Isabelle Eberhardt (anarchist in spirit, if not in name), and so much more. 

Pieces included here are 
Saying Goodbye
We Want to be Great Like our Crime (so good!)
Has the Insurrection Come Yet?
You Don’t Really Care for Music, Do Ya?
Robots of Repression
Robin Hood: The Grandmaster of Thieves
How This is Going to Begin
Jewel’s Perfect Teeth
A Predictable Journey
One Hand Clapping for Kanye West
Golem in the Catacombs
For the Love of God
Of Superhumans and Cyborgs

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