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Upping the Anti *15


The fifteenth issue of this journal of action and theory, produced by a non-sectarian group of anticapitalist activists in Toronto, Canada.

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  • Reporting From the Inside: Interview with Ali Mustafa Stefan Christoff
  • Anti-Pipeline Organizing Across Turtle Island: Interviews with SaÌ‚kihitowin AwaÌ‚sis, Brian Tokar & Kat Stevens Toban Black


  • Commons Against and Beyond Capitalism George Caffentzis and Silvia Federici
  • Climate Struggles, Real and Imagined Emanuele Leonardi


  • From Idle No More to Indigenous Nationhood PJ Lilley and Jeff Shantz


  • Organizing From a Place of Love Chris Crass, Towards Collective Liberation: Anti-Racist Organizing, Feminist Praxis, and Movement Building Strategy. Rebecca Tumposky
  • Building a Networked Commons Joss Hands, @ is for Activism: Dissent, Resistance and Rebellion in a Digital Culture Greg Shupak
  • Making Alternative Worlds: Journeys into Third Space Adela C. Licona, Zines in Third Space: Radical Cooperation and Borderlands Rhetoric Theresa Warburton

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