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Violence and Anarchism, A Polemic


The 1960 article that kicked up a stink – dive in, and see where you come out. Still holding flowers or ready to fight back?

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After 56 people were killed by police on the orders of the head of the white government, Dr Verwoerd after a Pan-African Congress demonstration in South Africa, David Pratt attempted to assassinate Dr Verwoerd. The editor of Freedom Newspaper summarrised the thoughts of many: “Too bad he missed.”

This article reignited the debate amongst anarchists, pacficists and anarcho-pacifists. That debate is still alive and kicking.

In addition, an appendix is included of Martyn Everett’s Short History of Political Violence in Britain just as a reminder of how the State, even in a so-called democracy, reacts when opposed  non-violently and a second appendix of Malatesta’s writings on  Attentats and on Anarchism and Violence written in the early 1920s.

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