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Notes on summits and countersummits
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Capitalism is a social relationship and not a citadel for the powerful. It is starting from this banality that one can confront the question of summits and counter-summits. Representing capitalist and state domination as a kind of general headquarters (it’s a question of the G8, the WTO or some other such organization) is useful to those who would like to oppose that managing centre with another centre: the political structures of the so-called movement, or better, their spokespeople. In short, it is useful to those who propose merely a change in management personnel. Besides being reformist in essence and purpose, this logic becomes collaborationist and authoritarian in method, as it leads to centralisation of the opposition. This is where the concern of these leftist adversaries, so anxious to make themselves heard by the ‘masters of the world’, in investing money and political hype on the summits in which those in power more and more frequently set the dates with them comes from.

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