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With the Land


Reflections on land work and 10 years of the Landworkers Alliance. Full colour, 180pages, 2023

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With The Land is a celebration of the first ten years of the Landworkers’ Alliance and an
invitation to join us in the collective endeavour towards food sovereignty, agroecology, and
land justice.
Our book is a seed store of stories and poetry, interviews, recipes, essays, artwork and
song, by and about people who have tilled and cared for the lands of Britain to produce
food, fuel and timber within a culture of regeneration. Old hands and young voices,
activists and campaigners, foresters and farmers, shepherds and soil keepers, have come
together to create a testament of the collaborative spirit, vision and hard work that goes
into restoring our relationships with the natural world, and making a new approach to land
use and food growing possible.
Spanning landscapes that range from forests to uplands, city farms to rural hinterlands,
each section tells the story of how a dedicated network of landworkers are pushing against
history to create a radical future-looking movement.

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