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Writings against Power & Death


The bulk of Alex Comfort’s (author of the Joy of Sex) writings about anarcho-pacifism, intoduced by David Goodway.

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Alex Comfort is best known nowadays as the author of Joy of Sex. But he is also a poet, novelist, critic, doctor, medical biologist, the pioneer of gerontology in Britain, a pacifist – and an anarchist. From the early 1940s he was, for a decade, a prolific, combative and innovative writer on pacifism and anarchism. This volume collects together all the articles he published in ‘War Commentary‘ and ‘Freedom‘, most of his other social and political essays, as well as the most important of his ‘Peace News‘ pamphlets; including “Peace and Disobedience“, the finest single statement of his highly individual and original anarchism. Includes an excellent, lengthy, contextual introduction from David Goodway.

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