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Ladyfest is a community based, non-profit, political, music and arts festival for everyone supportive of gender equality. Ladyfest Amsterdam aims to inspire and arouse feminists in addition to those who are curious about feminism and they designed this logo (I believe!)

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Ladyfest is a community-based, not-for-profit global music and arts festival for female artists that features bands, musical groups, performance artists, authors, spoken word and visual artists, and workshops; it is organized by volunteers.

The first ever Ladyfest was conducted in Olympia, Washington in August 2000 with over 2000 people attending. Prime motivators in the event were Sarah Dougher, Sleater-Kinney, Cat Power, Neko Case, and Teresa Carmody. Also performing were The Gossip, Bangs, The Need, The Rondelles and Bratmobile.

Since the first Ladyfest, the event has branched out into other urban centres such as Amsterdam, Atlanta, Belfast, Belgium, Berlin, Birmingham, Bordeaux, Brighton, Bristol, Brooklyn, Cambridge, Columbus, Cork, Chicago, Cardiff, Dijon, Dublin, Glasgow, Grenoble, Lansing, MI, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Orlando, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Scranton, San Francisco, San Diego, Sevilla, Texas, Toronto, Toulouse, Traverse City, Washington DC, Wellington, New Zealand and more. Each new festival is organized locally and independently of other Ladyfest events in other states or countries, primarily by volunteers, and most proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations. Nine years on from the original event Ladyfest is still going strong as a global phenomena.

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