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80, Emma


Emma Cray was a close friend of mine. Unlike most people I knew she became more interested and involved in political ideas and action as she got older rather than giving up on them. On the 14th of September 1995 she was crushed by a truck whilst she was cycling through Mile End, in East London.


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There’s hardly been a day since 14th September 1995 that I haven’t worn one of these little badges. 

Funny to think that a person could be somehow remembered in something so small but the caricature so simple in its few lines captures Emma’s smile so well that it brings back so many memories of her that I treasure to this day.

Emma was killed whilst cycling to work by a truck turning left at a junction, as indeed most cyclists are killed by negligent drivers who can’t be bothered to look at their inside mirrors properly or even indicate where they are going.

It is more than 22 years since my love left me at the door with a parting kiss and that smile. 

Nowadays I find myself seeing women on the street that remind me of how she looked and then I tell myself that she’d have changed her appearence by now. 

Hey most of the people I knew 25 years ago have grown up and moved on leaving me well behind on the ladder of progress towards giving up on anything alternative or revolutionary.

Emma will however always be the beautiful 29 year old she was and her enthusiasm for life and liberty will burn in me as long as I live.


We have published a few pamphlets in honour of Emma on subjects she was interested in, or I know she would have approved of us doing in her name. See information page for In the Spirit of Emma titles.


My memories of Emma.

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