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Selection of random cheap books – see description for full list!

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We’ve cleared out more titles that are either a bit damaged, or we have one remaining old copy of and think should be ON SALE AND A MEGA BARGAIN.
But also listing them all individually is a pain.

Add this item to your cart and let yourself be surprised OR add a message with your order requesting a specific title.

Updated list of titles available:

Vive le vegan, cookbook, Dreena Burton, 2009
Arm the spirit, a woman’s journey underground and back, Diana Block, AK Press 2009
PM Press outspoken authors fiction series: Nisi Shawl ‘Talk like a man’, John Shirley ‘New Taboos’, Terry Bisson ‘The left left behind’, Gary Philips ‘The underbelly’, Karen Joy Fowler “The science of herself”
Station six, SJ Klapecki, AK Press Black Dawn series 2023 (fiction)
Rupturing the dialectic, The struggle against work, money and financialization, Harry Cleaver, AK Press 2017
Copy, rip burn, the politics of copyleft and open source, David M Berry, Pluto press 2008
First as tragedy then as farce, Slovoj Zizek, Verso 2009
At War with Asia, Noam Chomsky, AK Press 2005
Fateful Triangle, Noam Chomsky, Pluto 2016
Animal ingredients A-Z, AK press 2004
Crisis to insurrection, notes on the ongoing collapse, Mikkel Bolt Trasmussen, Minor Compositions 2015
Domain Errors! Cyberfeminist practises, a subrosa project, Autonomedia 2002
Between the bullet and the lie, essays on Orwell by Kristian Williams, AK Press 2017
Critical Mass, bicyclings defiant celebration, edited by Chris Carlsson, AK press 2002
@ is for activism, Dissent, resistance and rebellion in a digital culture, Joss Hands Pluto 2011
Freeborn traveller by Grattan Puxon, small world media 2007
Unfree labour? Stories of migrant and immigrant workers in Canada, ed by Aziz Choudry and Adrian A Smith, PM Press 2016
Political Interventions, social science and political action, Pierre Bourdieu, Verso 2008
Martha and the slave catchers, illustrated YA fiction, by Harriet Hyman Alonso, 7 Stories 2017
Where Vultures Feast, Shell, human rights and oil by Ike Okonta and Oronto Douglas, Verso 2003
Property Outlaws, how squatters, pirates and protestors improve the law of ownership, Yale Univ Press 2010
Emma, a play in two acts about Emma Goldman, by Howard Zinn, Haymarket books 2002
Keeping the rabble in Line, Noam Chomsky, AK Press 1994
Presente! Latin@ immigrant voices in the struggle for racial justice. Bilingual, AK Press 2014
Some of us scream some of us shout, dinged copy, Active 2016
We shall not be moved, posters and the fight against displacement in LA’s Figueroa Corridor, PM Press 2003
Damming the Flood, Haiti and the politics of containment, Verso 2010
The economics of killing, Vijay Mehta, how the West fuels war and poverty in the developing world, Pluto press 2012


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