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Escape to Safelandia


A4 comic about the UK asylum process, by Kate Evans and Tom Daly. Visual Politics of Mirgation project, 2023

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A graphic novel Tom Daly of Bristol Refugee Rights and political cartoonist Kate Evans have co-written a graphic novel, aimed at people aged 13+ who don’t know a lot about asylum and refugees. It tells the stories of three people fleeing persecution and going through the asylum system in the UK.
Including facts, figures and background information. Content warning for references to sexual assault, forced marriage, child slavery, gun crime, human rights abuses and the UK asylum system.

A4, risoprint coloured, 20 pages.

This project has been funded as part of the Visual Politics of Migration Project and we are just asking for donations to either of the below: /

Please write “comic” in the text box when donating.

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