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Fight Back, Punk, Politics and Resistance


Fight back, Punk, politics and resistance edited by the Subcultures Network with a foreword by Steve ignorant

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Fight back examines the different ways punk – as a youth/subculture – may provide space for political expression and action. Bringing together scholars from a range of academic disciplines (history, sociology, cultural studies, politics, English, music), it showcases innovative research into the diverse ways in which punk may be used and interpreted. 

The essays are concerned with three main themes: identity, locality and communication. These, in turn, cover subjects relating to questions of class, age and gender; the relationship between punk, locality and socio-political context; and the ways in which punk’s meaning has been expressed from within the subculture and reflected by the media. Jon Savage, the foremost commentator and curator of punk’s cultural legacy, provides an afterword on punk’s impact and dissemination from the 1970s to the present day.

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