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No Retreat


No Retreat: The Secret War Between Britain’s Anti-Fascists and the Far Right by David Hann

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The publisher says;

In the late 1970’s, racism was on the march. The bootboys and skinheads of the National Front and the British Movement paraded their extremist views and targeted ethnic minorities and political opponents – until a group of working-class, left-wing activists decided to fight back. They vowed to drive the nazis off the streets not with speeches and placards but by any means necessary.

The Squads were born – and so began the secret conflict between the anti-nazis and the far right. Shopping centres, meeting halls, concert venues and pubs became the setting for a series of pitched battles that raged from London to Glasgow, Leeds to Manchester. And slowly, the far right were beaten from the streets.

In 1985 Anti-Fascist Action was formed to carry on the fight and to ”oppose fascism both physically and idealogically”. AFA’s Steward’s Group superseded the Squads and led the assault on the emergent British National Party and its violent henchmen.

Authors Dave Hann and Steve Tilzey were active members of the Squads and the Stewards Group, risking police harassment, physical injury and even prison for their beliefs. No Retreat is their extraordinary account of a hidden war that raged for twenty years on Britain’s streets.“

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