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Secolo Nuovo


Novel by Fulvia Ferrari, Detritus Books 2021

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A story of witches, anarchists, gnostics, indigenous outlaws, bandits, heretics, sunflowers, sailors, lavender, salmon, longshoremen, bank robbers, dynamiters, country farmers, alchemists, crimps, pimps, brothels, oceans, alembics, maroon colonies, mad scientists, artists, boats, depraved capitalists, grapes, cooks, vigilantes, teamsters, horses, libraries, traitors to the nation, hobos, miners, dancing, guerrilla leaders, mountains, religious movements, crumbling empires, nihilists, wagons, armed uprisings, wine, revolutionaries, peasants, military defectors, books, and the wireless transmission of electric energy.

“The novel Secolo Nuovo is part magical speculative fiction, part comprehensive history of the revolutionary anarchist urge. It tells the story of humans resisting imperialism, colonialism, assimilation, capitalism, and other oppressive forces, from the Indigenous European tribes fighting the Roman Empire, to French anarchists struggling to defend the Paris Commune, to Indigenous Mexicans trying to push back the encroaching yanqui in what is now California.

Secolo is also a comprehensive fictionalized record of the brutal labor struggles of dock and maritime workers who were forced to wage war against the exploitive bosses of San Francisco and the world at the turn of the 19th century and of the anti-Chinese racism in the labor movement and beyond.” – from a discussion at

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