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Upping the Anti *10


Upping the Anti is a radical journal of theory and action which provides a space to reflect on the state of political organizing in Canada.

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Number Ten

  • Introduction

Letters to the Editors

  • Difference, Identity, and Valorization 
    Lesley Wood
  • On Dialogue and Freedom of Speech
    Alan Sears and Mary-Jo Nadeau
  • Where are the Settlers of Colour?
    Shaista Patel
  • Anti-Olympics Organizing and the G-20 in Toronto
    Mandy Hiscocks
  • Diversity of Tactics from Vancouver to Toronto
    Alex Hundert


  • With Eyes Wide Open: Notes on Crisis and Resistance Today
    UTA Editorial Committee


  • Building Unlikely Alliances: An Interview with Andrea Smith
    Sharmeen Khan, David Hugill, and Tyler McCreary
  • Climate Justice, Climate Debt, and Anti-Capitalism: An Interview with Patrick Bond
    Chandra Kumar
  • Sex Work, Migration, and Anti-Trafficking: Interviews with Nandita Sharma and Jessica Yee
    Robyn Maynard


  • Co-opting Capitalism: Avatar and the Thing Itself
    AK Thompson
  • Marxism, Indigenous Struggles, and the Tragedy of “Stagism”
    Tom Keefer
  • After December: Spatial Legacies of the 2008 Athens Uprising
    Antonis Vradis and Dimitris Dalakoglou


  • Beyond the Margins: A Roundtable on Radical Publishing
    Nicole Cohen
  • No Justice, No Peace!: A Roundtable with Ex-Cops on Resisting Police Repression
    Samir Shaheen-Hussain
  • Occupy Everything: A Roundtable on US Student Occupations
    Kelly Fritsch

Book Reviews

  • Imperial History, Liberal Response
    Yves Engler
    Jerome Klassen
  • Another World is Possible
    David Austin (ed).
    Pat Harewood
  • Toward the “Next Liberation Struggle”
    John Saul
    Noaman G. Ali
  • Return of the Sun
    Safiya Bukhari
    Sara Falconer

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